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OCD... OCD... OCD...

In my never-ending quest to meta all the metadata for my CD/flac collection correct, I had to hack together a little program to read the ISRC information off the CD’s and add it to the tags. I’ve already incorporated this into bme (my encoding software) but will probably just write a small tool to tag existing files in my collection so I don’t have to re-rip everything (although, now that I’ve filled musicbrainz in, this would be nothing more than swapping 1.2k CD’s and waiting, at most, 5 minutes for it to grab the songs for each).

I think I’m going to rework bme to use libcdio. I’d rather leave it all public domain, but I’m willing to go GNU for it. This would mean that bme would run on just about any UNIX-like OS, including OSX and Linux. It should even work on Windows under cygwin.

To this end, I’ve registered batchme at sourceforge (bme was taken by a BeOS MSN client? WTF?). I’ve got the itch to rewrite it in c instead of leaving it as a shell script. Talk about a massive excuse to not do school work, right? Basically, it would end up just gluing libcdio, libmusicbrainz, libxml and a couple others together, the work is done elsewhere, I just need to make them all play nicely. For now, the shell does the job well enough.